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Beard Oil

$18.00 $20.00

Our Beard oil helps hydrate, conditions and add shine to your beard while promoting hydration of the skin underneath. This oil helps to prevent itchiness and flaking that can come with a dehydrated face and beard. 

Directions: Rub a few drops of beard oil into your fingertips. Massage oil into beard and skin under your chin and cheeks. For best results use after shower while your hair is still moist. 

We offer the following scents: 

Sandalwood Vanilla- A mix of sandalwood and Vanilla

Citrus- A freshly peeled citrus reminds us of summer days. 

Lavender Amber -A mix of amber, lavender and tonka beans.

Cautions: Please consult your doctor if you are allergic to any of these oils. Patch test before use.